5 Best Ways to Earn Money While You Sleep

by Dionne 3

The idea of making a passive income literally sounds like a dream. But the truth is, millions are already doing it. It’s your turn!

Essentially, passive income is just a drip feed of extra earnings that doesn’t tie you down to a set amount of regular working hours.

The key is low maintenance opportunities that allow you to live your life while you make money. Some may require a little more work than others, here is a list we’ve compiled of the top 5 ways that we have found to make money, even while you sleep!

So alas… here are our Top 5 Ways to Make Make Money While You Sleep

#1 – Automated Forex Trading (BFT AutoTrader)

We are extremely excited about sharing this one as they just opened to new members. Say what you will about trading schemes that seem to have sunk their teeth into the Forex trading world, but this is one program that will go down in the books. And even if you don’t have ANY experience with trading in the markets, these guys made it possible for you with their automated trading program.

After doing our research, we loved the BFT AutoTrader Program (Best Forex Team), for a few primary reasons:

  • You can start with as little as $500
  • You do not need to have ANY experience trading forex
  • Their system is 100% automated (hands-free for you)
  • Your funds stay in YOUR account at all times
  • and most importantly: Their performance history is great … they have averaged a verified 35% return PER MONTH since inception.

Unlike BFT, Most algorithmic trading systems or “black box systems” belong to elite traders with valuable connections, and they usually have massive minimum investments to participate. But thanks to a rise in technology and proprietary software, the BestForexTeam professional traders are able to copy their trades instantly into your account in a fraction of a second – and your money stays in your account at all times.

The AutoTrader is pretty simple, and runs off of two objective trading algorithms which they do not make publicly available (for obvious reasons). To sum up it’s complexities into a few paragraphs wouldn’t do it’s performance any justice, but essentially you can activate their trading algorithm on regulated brokers and let the AutoTrader place buy and sell orders in your account, on your behalf. You do not need to install anything. You don’t even need to have your computer on. In fact, you can set everything up from your mobile phone and it’s 100% hands free (even while you sleep).

After a very helpful call with a BFT support agent, we wanted to give it a try – so we started with a modest £2,000 account. Our first two weeks on the AutoTrader looked like this with £982.30 Profit:

Needless to say, we were impressed. This was real money in our real account with a REGULATED broker.

Fast forward to now, as I write this, our account balance is currently £6,583.89 … It has only been 6 weeks since we started, but it’s still very cool to see:

So far, the trading results have been very good, and it’s fun following along my account and seeing these profits add up each day. We will be updating our results here continuously as we move forward!

So how can you join the BFT AutoTrader Program?

The BFT AutoTrader is definitely a system that we recommend if you are interested in passive investments and/or forex trading. Forex trading is risky by default, and you should not trade with money you cannot afford to lose, BUT we have been very impressed so far. Their program will likely close to the public soon as they told us they want to grow organically and slowly, and they are already getting a lot of positive attention. We can see why 🙂

UPDATE: the BFT AutoTrader Program is currently closed to the public and is accepting new members by referral only 🙁 … we will update here if they open again to the public.

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We have given the BFT AutoTrader Program a 9.5 TM Rating based on our experience thus far. We have been very impressed so far and will update our post and rating accordingly as we move forward. Cheers!

TM Rating


Chris Dionne is our lead editor and author for our INVESTING content. He has a true passion, understanding and knowledge for all things related to banking, credit cards, money and many investment vehicles.

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  1. wow — very cool. Will take a look thank you for sharing!

  2. Their website shows they had 16 winning months in a row. Impressive. Thanks for sharing will probably take part as soon as I save enough money.

  3. Hi Chris good reviewing u can let me know once but opens to public,I m interested.

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